Healthcare Providers & General Public Training!

Kindred Care is proud to offer the finest in medical education options for the Jacksonville community. No matter the need - from Basic First Aid Training to Critical Care Paramedic classes, we can take care of your educational needs! The benefits to taking one of our courses is exponential and you will receive a return on your educational investment right away.
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    * Provides individuals a feeling of empowerment and better confidence level.

    * Allows individuals to help someone in need, including family members or strangers on the street.

    * Leads people to step up in emergency or life and death situations

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    * The most accredited benefit CPR can give you – the ability to save lives.

    * Emergency situations always need immediate action especially CPR as the ambulance might not be able to arrive right away.

    * Providing CPR immediately for the patient decreases the risk of brain damage or death.

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    * Higher number of CPR trainees and of those that are already certified increase the survival rate of those patients that experience heart failure.

    * Performance of CPR is extremely important for unconscious patients as every second counts.

    * If there are numbers of individuals around who know CPR, they could take turns giving chest compression and rescue breaths. (Learn more about how this works with our CPR training).

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    * Being knowledgeable with Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation creates a safer environment for all employees.

    * This can be impressive for the employers especially if the individual is applying for a job in the medical field or nursing.

    * Most companies or industries require some sort of CPR or First Aid Training. Employees could benefit with our proper and formal training and certification.

Please contact Marshiray Griffin at 904-508-7600 to request more information!

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Healthcare Providers:

* Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
* EMS Safety First Aid CPR and AED

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General Public:

*EMS Safety First Aid CPR and AED