Kindred Cares!

Kindred Care provides an array of high quality, health related services of social value by conducting all operations in an atmosphere of concern, respect for human dignity, legal and ethical responsibility, and efficient management of health care resources. We deliver enhanced care from world class professionals. And we’re proud of the team members who helped build the brand for over ten years. Our employees receive ongoing education both in clinical techniques and changes to protocol within our industry and service area. We strive to maintain excellence by recruiting, developing and retaining highly skilled, professional employees.

Special Events!

Kindred Care EMS is available to provide stand-by emergency care services at events such as:

  • Sporting events

  • Concerts

  • School functions

  • Church events

  • Any large gathering

When you are planning your special occasion, rest assured that your guests will be safe and well cared for with Kindred Care EMS on site to provide any medical care needs that may arise. Our highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are more than qualified to deal with any emergent situation which may present itself, leaving you to see to the many other details associated with your special day.